Living on the North Coast of Oregon has rekindled my interest in casual botany. With approximately 70 inches of water falling from the sky per annum, there certainly are a lot of plants to discover and identify!

What’s really interesting, and partly why this blog exists, is the staggering amount of microclimates and environments that co-exist and even co-mingle.

As a sweeping generalization, the North Coast is a temperate rainforest that’s heavily logged — “managed” — but the lush, thick forest mixes and mingles with wetlands, sub-alpine terrain and sand dunes. Toss in some sheer, wave-thrashed rock faces for good measure.

This blog is all about my findings as I play botanist in my spare time. I’m a hobbyist, not a trained scientist, so don’t hate me for being casual about all this!

By day I’m a project manager who develops content for massive brands and picks up occasional freelance work as a technical writer and editor.