Fringecup — Tellima grandiflora

An old favorite popped up in Ecola State Park in the later parts of May: Fringecup. Aptly named, this fuzzy-stalked member of the Saxifrage family features frilly white flowers growing in long clusters at the top of spindly stems. They make me think of a string of bells.

Fringecup — Tellima grandiflora 2

Leaves are entire, but they have a shape that’s somewhere between heart and palmate. Margins are not smooth; they are softly lobed and toothed.

Fringecup — Tellima grandiflora 4

Basal means that the leaves of a plant grow in a circular pattern around the stalk, and often, they gather near the base of the plant. Fringecup’s leaves are mostly basal. Stems and leaves are a little fuzzy (fringy?).

Fringecup — Tellima grandiflora 2

I noticed the plant growing in several locations along a maintained trail, but it wasn’t abundant. There were several patches tucked in amongst gaps in thickets of Salal. 

Fringecup — Tellima grandiflora 5


Pojar, J., MacKinnon, A., & Alaback, P. B. (1994). Revised Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast: Washington, Oregon, British Columbia & Alaska. Redmond, WA: Lone Pine Pub. Page 167.


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