First Flowers of Spring

Winter started early last fall. It was about the 7th of October, if I recall correctly, when I felt that first bone-chilling breeze accompanied by buckets of rain pouring from the sky.

Here it is near the end of February and winter shows no signs of releasing us from its clutches. It actually snowed yesterday! Last year, we saw wild daffodils sprucing up the landscape before Valentines day. This year? I may have seen ONE daffodil down the street.

I went on a search the first flowers of spring on February 18th and was none-too-pleased to find Scotch Broom in bloom.

This rugged flower grows all over the dunes of the north coast, the hillsides of the inland valleys, and I’m pretty sure it dots the high desert landscape to the east of the Cascade Mountains.

Scotch Broom also makes me sneeze like crazy.

Although it’s lovely to see something — anything — in bloom after the long, cold, gloomy winter, the sneezing is coming. But, so is spring. Someday.


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