Defiant in December: Flowers that Dare to Bloom on the Oregon Coast

Just a day or two before these pictures, much of Seaside awoke to a thick glaze of Jack Frost’s finest work. Yet, there were a few brave flowers to be found on the boardwalk. 

Darling Pink Rose 

Not just one, but several delicate pink roses dared to bear petals in defiance of the mighty Pacific’s whippiest of winds and soppiest of storms. 

Defiant December flowers - rose

Sea Blush

Sea Blush is looking a little worse for the wear but still made the Defiant in December list. The frost had its way with the flowers, but several were still identifiable. Its peculiar petals, if outlined, would look like a pentagon. Battered as they are, the flowers are standing tall.

Defiant December flowers - sea brush

Scotch Broom

My nasal nemesis Scotch Broom is terribly confused. It wasn’t just one plant that decided December is the right time to open up. No, there were probably 10 stalks spread across a 50-foot strip making an attempt to fool the public into thinking it’s spring.

Defiant December flowers - Scotch Broom

Salal. It’s synonymous with the Oregon Coast. I’ve even heard a story about Salal saving somebody from tumbling down the front of Cape Kiwanda. This stuff is hardy and produces an edible berry. But not in December. The audacity of this stubborn shrub!

Defiant December flowers - salalIn the face of unrelenting sheeting rain and hair-whipping winds, these four plants bloom on. Nature is amazing.


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