Fall Color Report —October 21, 2016

Here at zero elevation, there isn’t much color action. I’m seeing very little coloring and leaves dropping quickly. I suspect the premature drop is largely due to the foul weather we’ve seen in recent weeks. One thing I’ve noticed is that the grass on the dunes has turned from a dull-gray-green to a yellowish-green.

Seaside sand dunes
In contrast, the drive through the coast range is quite colorful. At this point, the maples are at or near full brilliance, showing all shades of gold, orange, and yellow. Yet, many trees haven’t started to turn. Some parts of the drive are drab, while other stretches are a feast for the eyes.

Fall color report Oct 20 2

Alders are a dominant presence along the highway, and at this point most are still green — a not-so-fresh green, mind you, but green nonetheless. I’m not sure what the other trees are, and unfortunately, it’s hard to find a safe place from which to gather specimen.

Fall color report Oct 20 3Fall color report Oct 20 4Fall color report Oct 20 5Fall color report Oct 20 6

Normally fall colors peak right around Halloween. If I get a chance to take more nice pictures to share, you’ll see another post. The eastern entrance to the tunnel was stunning last week but stopping wasn’t an option. But it’s fall in the northwest, and that means windstorms. Hence, these photos could be my only fall color report of the year.


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