Yellow Sand Verbena – Abronia latifolia

At the hottest time of the year, this plant presented itself! I discovered just off the boardwalk in the sand dunes at the 6th Street entrance to the beach.

Chipper yellow flowers emerge above sticky, sandy stalks

Its a trailing species, meaning it creeps along the ground, mixing and mingling with grasses and other plants I’ve not identified.

It spreads 2-5 feet here, and grows only a few inches high

Aside from its soft-but-striking yellow clusters of flowers, which are in botany terminology called umbel, it has some pretty cool foliage. Thick, sticky stalks put off spade-shaped leaves aka orbicular grow in an opposite pattern. Multiple leaves can emerge from one stipual.

Sticky stalks collect sand and debris.

The plant is so sticky that it collects sand.

By the time I Met the Yellow Sand Verbena, it had already developed seed pods. They are some seriously heavy-duty pods. Even after drying for a few weeks, I can’t open them up and they will not flatten in the plant press.

Even after pressing, the seed pods are relatively undamaged



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